Saving on supplies and pharmacy is as easy as 1, 2, 3



Send your data

Raw, ‘messy’ data is fine. Our data cleaning process does it all:

  • Performs data quality checks and data cleaning, and even repairs typos and missing data.

  • Categorizes and merges data for analyses.

  • Final checks by world-class actuaries guarantee outstanding results.



Review top opportunities

Our algorithms find up-to-date opportunities precisely tailored for you:

  • The system evaluates potential savings based on existing contracts and buying behaviors.

  • Opportunities are reviewed to ensure the best fit and ease of capture for your organization.

  • Your report prioritizes moves that require no changes to contracts, vendors, or physician behavior.

  • We also identify savings that may require adjustments; you choose how hard to press for results.



Pull the trigger

This step is completely up to you, but we provide total support throughout the process:

  • All the needed forms and contracts for suppliers are pre-populated.

  • We supply a complete set of supporting documents (emails, charts, analyses, and presentations).

  • Move at your own speed. Capture some savings now and some later, or all at once. We’re with you all the way.

The complex mess that banked $470K

We saved a 20-facility surgery center $470K. Take a quick tour behind the scenes and see what it looked like before and after the Ficient overhaul.

The Challenge:

Messy data from 20 facilities, 1195 manufacturers, 430 contracts, and 314 categories on $66M of spend.

The Result:

Ficient cleaned the supply chain and the client validated $470K in savings.

Ficient makes you look like a genius