Frequently Asked Questions


In the spirit of saving you an extra click or two, we figured we’d round up the most frequently asked questions about Ficient so you can satisfy your curiosity and get on with your life.

We complement your GPO by optimizing your contracts and getting you the best prices you are entitled to.

Not usually, no. First, your GPO is primarily in charge of providing contracts, not optimizing them. More importantly, they generally aren’t motivated to reduce costs because they are paid a percentage of your spend.

Almost none. Sign an NDA, send your data as-is, and then review savings opportunities.

Nope! Review curated opportunities for supplies and pharmacy with no analytics knowledge required. If you can send us data, we can find you savings. See for yourself.

Ficient was founded by actuaries who worked at McKinsey. We learned by working with the best and we’re used to finding solutions that others miss. Our work has touched the full gamut of healthcare (payers, providers, vendors, PBMs, GPOs) and every line of business (individual, exchanges, ASO, Medicare, Medicaid, ACOs).

We have you covered, risk free. We'll run a commitment-free diagnostic to show you the money you can make. If you like it, let’s work together. If not, you’ve lost nothing.

If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied and will gladly refund your money. Our track record gives us confidence in your satisfaction.